Can A Security System Reduce Your Homeowner's Insurance?

In today's world, homeowner's insurance is a must. Although it may feel comfortable to know that your home will be safe no matter what, having the right insurance can help prepare you for the incident of fire, flooding, or theft. For those that are looking for the best discounts on your policies as well as securing your home, investing in a home security system may be the option for you.

According to the FBI, a burglary occurs every 15 seconds in America. The implementation of a security system will give you a piece of mind and show your insurance company that you are adding an extra layer of protection to your home. 

Many people may not think that a security system will do much, but little do they know a security system is a must. Many insurance companies offer discounts for a home security system because of the following reasons.

  1. With a security system, if someone were to attempt to enter your home the sound of the alarm should do a great job of discouraging anyone and preventing a possible theft. 
  2. The sight of a security system such as cameras or signs will often deter someone from entering your home.
  3. If one were to attempt to break into your home, an alarm would notify the police to help minimize loss or damage.
  4. Some security systems today are so sophisticated that your home will now be protected from more than just burglary. Fire, flood, and carbon monoxide leaks are also monitored giving you a piece of mind while you are away from your home.

Today, most insurance companies offer anywhere from a 5% - 10% discount on your premium if you install a home security system. You may also find a discount for further security measures such as a smoke detector, burglar alarm or deadbolt locks.

Be sure to shop around to find the best home security system that offers what you desire in price. Also shopping around for insurance companies that accommodate your security needs with a nice discount as well as an affordable homeowner's insurance policy will give you the best benefit.

So as you can see, a security system can reduce your insurance policy. It is not exactly the hardest thing to find discounts on what may seem to be an overwhelming homeowner's insurance premium. Simple security measures will not only bring the amount of your premium down, but will also give you a piece of mind. (For more information on homeowners insurance, contact Coast Comp Insurance Agency)