Three Proactive Ways You Can Lower Your Insurance Rate And Save Money Each Month

Everyone's looking for ways to reduce their household spending, but lowering the amount that you pay each month doesn't have to mean making sacrifices. Instead, you can look at your auto insurance bill, make a few simple changes, and end up paying less to be insured each month. The degree to which you lower your insurance bill depends on the specifics of your policy, but a handful of changes are easy for you to implement either on your own or with a bit of help from your insurance agent. Here are three ideas to consider.

Leave Your Vehicle Behind During The Workweek

Commuting with your vehicle offers a high degree of comfort, but doing so is costing you more for your auto insurance, given that you're spending more time on the road during high-traffic situations. It's possible to get a lower auto insurance rate simply by leaving your vehicle at home during the workweek and finding a different way to get to and from work. Whether you opt to travel with a colleague who leaves nearby and split the cost of gas or take the subway or a city bus, you'll be saving money every month that you change your commuting style.

Quit Smoking

While many people associate quitting smoking with lowering their life insurance rate, the same can also be said about the relationship between this habit and auto insurance. It's possible to get a lower insurance rate when you're no longer smoking. After all, this habit can cause distractions behind the wheel, such as reaching for a lighter or fiddling with your pack of cigarettes, which can translate into you having an increased risk of an accident. Check with your insurance provider about how long you'll have to maintain a smoke-free lifestyle to have your insurance rate lowered; this change won't happen simply because you stopped smoking for a few days.

Become A Defensive Driver

Better aptitude behind the wheel decreases your risk of being in an accident. You can prove your skill as a driver by graduating from an accredited defensive driving program in your city. Graduation from one of these courses, which focus on areas such as accident avoidance, inclement weather driving, and how to improve your awareness of your surroundings while driving in the city, come with a certificate that you can provide to your insurance agent as proof of your graduation. This proof will then, in turn, allow the agent to lower your insurance rate.

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