Tips On Negotiating Car Insurance Claims

You have spent time and money getting the perfect auto insurance policy, but what if something happens and you need to file a claim? As long as you follow all the right steps when filing an insurance claim, you should be on your way to a successful result. However, if the accident was found to be your fault, it can be a lot harder to file a claim and complete an insurance settlement.

Signs That Your Vehicle Doesn't Need Full Coverage

Although you might automatically think that full coverage is a better deal, it isn’t always the best choice for your vehicle. Before automatically signing up for these auto insurance services, consider these signs that your vehicle doesn’t need full coverage. If any of them apply to your situation, then you might find that you can save a significant amount of money by switching to liability-only insurance instead. It’s Paid For

Need To Make Money? Sell Your Structured Settlement

If you have a structured settlement and receive periodic payments, you can make money by selling it. When you sell the settlement, you can receive your money in one lump sum instead of being paid in periodic payments. Selling Your Structured Settlement There are many reasons why you may want to sell your structured settlement. You may need to purchase a new home, make repairs on your home, have a child going to college, pay off your debts, etc.

First-Time Home Buyers: Test Your Title Insurance Knowledge

If you’re buying a home or property for the first time, you might not be aware of all of the things that happen “behind the scenes” during the time between you making an offer and you receiving the keys to your new house. One of the expenses that you might not understand is title insurance. Here’s a quiz to see how much you know about this subject. True or False? Title insurance is a scam for the real estate industry and a waste of money.