3 Ways To Insure You Homeowner's Insurance Will Cover All Of Your Personal Belongings

If you have homeowner’s insurance, you expect it to be able to cover the cost of replacing all of your personal items should they become lost or damaged. However, in order for your insurance to cover the cost of your personal items, you need to keep proper records of them. Here are three tips for making sure that your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of replacing all of your personal belongings should they be damaged.

A Guide To Understanding The Moneyguard Insurance Option

Given the often exorbitant cost of long-term care and the long periods of time that some people need to use it, it is obvious that planning for its possible use needs to be a part of every financial plan. While the option of long-term care insurance is not new and has been used successfully for many years, the moneyguard policy is not as well-known. The moneyguard policy is actually an example of a life insurance policy that allows you better flexibility when you are determining the amount of money that will be earmarked for long-term care.

3 Auto Insurance Mistakes That Could Cost You Money

As a car owner, you want to make sure you get the insurance coverage you need without overpaying. Unfortunately, in an effort to save money, some car owners end up making costly mistakes with their coverage. If you are in the market for insurance, here are some mistakes that could negatively impact your bank account.   Opting for the Minimum Coverage Required One way that some drivers try to save on coverage is by only opting for the minimum coverage required by state law.