3 Ways To Insure You Homeowner's Insurance Will Cover All Of Your Personal Belongings

If you have homeowner's insurance, you expect it to be able to cover the cost of replacing all of your personal items should they become lost or damaged. However, in order for your insurance to cover the cost of your personal items, you need to keep proper records of them. Here are three tips for making sure that your homeowner's insurance will cover the cost of replacing all of your personal belongings should they be damaged.

#1 Create An Inventory Of Everything You Own Right Now

The first thing that you need to do is create an inventory of everything that you own right now. This can be a really big and overwhelming task, so break it down room by room. For large rooms with lots of things in them, break it down by areas of your room.

For each room in your home, you are going to want to list what the item is, what brand it is, the condition and the estimated amount of money that you spend on each item. The most important thing is to list everything in your home; you can go back and research the value of items later if you are unsure what they cost you.

Having a list is not enough, though; you should also take pictures of all of your items or create a video recording. This will offer more solid proof of your ownership of your items.

#2 Create A System For Inventorying New Items

The items in your home are not static; you are going to acquire more items over time, which is why you need to create a system for adding new items to your inventory.

An ideal system will allow you to add each item to the spread sheet where your inventory is housed. You should also take a picture of each item and add it to your inventory photo file system. Additionally, to prove the cost of new items, you should scan the receipts into your filing system as well. This will provide more solid proof of the value of your items.

#3 Save The Inventory List Off Site

You don't want to keep the only copy of your inventory list in a drawer in your home; if your home gets destroyed, you want to still be able to access all the evidence that you compiled of your personal belongings.

Make sure that you keep a digital copy stored on a cloud server, send one to your email, have a friend or family member keep a copy, and/or have your lawyer keep a copy. Make sure that you have a backup list somewhere outside of your home.

Keeping an accurate inventory of all of your belongings will help you ensure that you have the proper level of insurance coverage for your belongings and will make the process of filing a claim to replace your belongings easier. Contact a company like Keyes Insurance Services Inc to learn more.