3 Additional Types Of Auto Insurance To Consider

When buying a new auto insurance policy it can be difficult determining exactly what kind of coverage you should get, mostly because there are many different types of additional coverage options that all provide their own set of protections. Three additional auto insurance coverage types to consider are comprehensive, uninsured driver, and personal injury protection.


Comprehensive insurance coverage is designed to handle any damage to your vehicle as a result of something other than an accident. In many cases, your basic collision coverage is not going to be cover any repairs on your vehicle unless the damage was caused by an auto accident; all other types of damage to your vehicle will be up to your to pay for out of your own pocket.

However, comprehensive coverage will pay to repair your vehicle if it is damaged in a natural disaster, vandalized, or in a riot. In addition, comprehensive insurance coverage can also cover you when your vehicle is damaged by flying debris from a windstorm or a tree limb falling onto your vehicle during the winter.

Uninsured Driver

While pretty much every area requires a motorist to have insurance coverage, there is still a risk that you could be struck by a completely uninsured driver. This is a really serious problem as there is no insurance company to contact to have your vehicle repaired.

Sure, you can sue the uninsured driver, but that doesn't really help if he or she doesn't have the money to pay for your vehicle repairs or medical treatment. However, uninsured driver coverage will pay for any repairs or medical bills if the person who struck you has insufficient or no insurance coverage.

Personal Injury Protection

Finally, you should definitely consider personal injury protection because it will cover you and your passengers' medical bills even if you are responsible for causing an auto accident. In most cases, if you are responsible for an accident your insurance company will only pay for the victim's treatment and you will have to pay for your own treatment out of your own pocket. This is a very scary position to be in as medical bills can very quickly get out of control and leave you with an empty bank account.

Speak to your local insurance agent, such as Affordable Insurance, today to discuss which additional forms of coverage he or she would recommend for you. Personal injury protection, uninsured driver, and comprehensive coverage are all fantastic ways to greatly increase your insurance protection.