3 Ways To Pay Less And Feel Better About Your Teen Driving

Insuring a teen driver can be a costly event for parents, but that is not the only concern parents have. Most parents spend a lot of time worrying when their child gets behind the wheel of a car, and this might be because teens have a higher chance of getting in an accident than all other groups of drivers. If you want some peace of mind with this event and a way to save some money on your insurance, you may want to look into these three discounts commonly offered by auto insurance companies for teen drivers.

Driver's education discount

A lot of insurance companies offer a discount for teen drivers that complete driver's education programs. Statistically, teens that take driver's education are less likely to be involved in a car accident than teens that did not take this type of course, which is why discounts are often available.

The discount you may receive for this is not the only benefit, though. Driver's education will teach your child how to drive. Your teen will learn the rules of driving and skills to help him or her be a more defensive driver while on the road, and this may help you feel better about your teen getting behind the wheel of a car.

Good student discount

Most parents want their children to get good grades in school, and many insurance companies reward teen drivers that get good grades. Insurance companies call this a good student discount, and a teen will typically have to submit his or her report cards to the insurance company on a regular basis to qualify for this discount. Statistically, students with good grades are less likely to get in accidents than students with bad grades, which means that a teen with good grades is not as big of a risk to an insurance company as a teen with bad grades.

You, as a parent, could also use this discount as an incentive to your child by placing conditions on his or her driving privileges. For example, you could state that he or she will be able to drive as long as his or her grades qualify for a good student discount. Another option you have is to tell your teen that if his or her grades fall below the required level for the discount, then the teen must pay the difference on the policy.

Driving contract

While this discount is not available with all insurance companies, it does not hurt to ask your auto insurance company if they offer driving contract discounts. A driving contract discount involves having the teen sign a contract with the insurance company. This contract may state that the teen agrees to follow posted speed limits, wear his or her seatbelt, and never text while driving. When your teen signs this, you can teach him or her about what a contract is and why it's important to follow it after you signing the document. Knowing your teen has signed this contract may also offer you a little more peace when he or she is driving.

These are three ways you might be able to pay less on auto insurance and feel better about your teen driving. To learn more, contact an auto insurance company to get a quote. Contact a business, such as the Western Insurance Agency, for more information.