5 Ways To Keep Auto Insurance Rates Cheap

Paying for auto insurance is definitely not something people look forward to every month. However, without auto insurance, you can be left in a difficult financial situation in the case of a car accident, auto theft, and more. So in order to have the coverage you need but still keep it affordable, you should know these five ways to keep your auto insurance rates cheap:

  1. Follow the Six-Month Rule: Many people don't follow the six-month rule, which is to meet with your insurance agent to go over your coverage. This way, you can drop what you don't need any longer and apply for discounts that you didn't previously qualify for or that your auto insurance company has recently added. When you do this, you are more likely to save money. During this time, you can even compare your current rate with a few other insurance companies to determine whether or not switching to a new company who can provide you with the same coverage is going to save you money. 
  2. Take Driving Courses:  Every year, you should ask what driving courses are approved by your insurance company and whether or not they will provide you with a discount on your auto insurance if you take one of the courses offered. You should also take driving courses after you have received a traffic violation since it will likely take that violation off your record, which is also going to reduce your insurance rate. 
  3. Make Smart Purchases: Whenever you buy a vehicle, it's best to check what vehicle make and models are less likely to be involved in an accident or be stolen. This is because insurance companies base their rates for your vehicle off this. If your vehicle make and model has been in many accidents, your rate will be higher. 
  4. Carpool to Work:  The lower amount of miles you are putting on your car every year, the lower your insurance rates are going to be. If you can, try to carpool to work or take public transportation. You should also consider walking whenever your destination is close by. 
  5. Don't Talk About Your Past: If your insurance company asks whether or not you have been in an accident or been pulled over for a traffic violation, it's best to say no. Instead, you should let your driving record do the talking, which your insurance company will check. If you mention an accident or traffic violation that has already been dropped from your record, your insurance company can still mark you as an at-risk driver. 

When you know some of these ways to save money on your auto insurance rates, you can be sure that you aren't paying too much every month your car expenses.