Employment Fields That Could Bring You An Attractive Car Insurance Discount

Automobile insurance may be an unavoidable factor of your budget, but just because you have to invest in car insurance for your vehicle, it does not mean that you should just accept the first policy that seems to be a good fit. You are probably aware that shopping around is always best with insurance because there are discounts available. However, what you may be surprised to learn is some insurance companies actually offer discounts to drivers in certain types of employment. Here is a look at some of the most common discounts available for people who work in certain employment fields. 

Teacher Car Insurance Discounts - Whether you are a kindergarten teacher or a college professor, you may be eligible for a discount with some insurance companies because you are an educator. Some insurance companies take the initiative to give special perks in the form of discounts to well-deserving people who are in teaching roles. Not only can teachers get a discounted rate in a lot of states, some insurance carriers boast special coverage options like coverage for vandalism on school property with zero deductible or coverage for loss of school supplies in your vehicle after an accident. 

Federal Employee Auto Insurance Discounts - If you are an active or retired employee with a government agency, you could reap the reward of lower car insurance premiums. Not all, but some insurance companies have specific discounts available for federal employees depending on the state where you live. While most people only assume that car insurance discounts are available for military employees, this discount does reach much further into the lower levels of federal employment in some cases. For example, if you are employed at a community-based service center in a government-required role, you may be eligible for a federal employee car insurance discount. 

Medical Professional Car Insurance Discounts - You may spend a lot of years in school to become a doctor, dentist, or a registered nurse, but the perks can pay off in a lot of ways once you are done--even with your auto insurance. There are several states in which some insurance companies offer a discount on premiums for those who are employed in the medical field. The discounts are not just limited to those high-ranking employees in the field either. In some cases, insurance companies offer discounts for things like being a radiologist, emergency respondent, or medical engineer. 

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