Your Security Has Been Breached: Minimizing The Damage

If you own a business, it doesn't matter who you are; you could be the victim of a security breach. When this happens, the only way to recover is to respond properly to the incident both to minimize the damage and to reduce the risk that a security breach will occur in the future. Hackers will attack literally any target because hacking tools are so cheap. 

Isolate Your System

When you believe you are the victim of a cyber security attack, you will want to change your credentials and isolate your servers, if possible, until you can determine what has happened. If you can take your servers offline, do so.

Determine The Scope Of The Attack

Once your business has determined that it has been the victim of a cyber security attack, the next step is to determine the scope of the attack. This is best accomplished with a cyber security consultant. You will need to find out what data and systems have been compromised. If the compromised files are not cleaned, the files may continue to place your business and your customers at risk. A cyber security specialist may also be able to determine what caused your system to be compromised. For example, it is possible to determine if the attack was mass produced or if it was a unique, targeted attack only for your business. 

Assist Your Customers And Employees In Protecting Themselves

You must determine which customers have been compromised so that you can notify them. For example, if credit card numbers were stolen, you will need to notify your customers so that they can have their credit cards cancelled. It is especially critical to make things right with customers if you are a small business since you are unlikely to be able to afford losing a few customers. Both customers and employees who could have been affected by the security breach should be informed even if it is not confirmed that a breach has occurred, since there are steps that those affected should take immediately. Customers and employees should be informed about how they can best protect themselves.

Have Cyber Security Insurance

The best way to handle cyber security breaches is to be protected beforehand. Fortunately, there are insurance providers who specialize in insuring against various damages that can result from a cyber security breach. While you may not be able to undo much of the damage that results from the cyber security breach, at least you can receive compensation for the incident. Talk to a company like IT Risk Managers to learn more.